Rainy Day Green Goddess Chicken

We’ve had pretty miserable rainy weekend here in NYC. My favorite activity on a day like today is to finally take the time to cook a recipe that’s been on the to-do list. I have many of these on pinterest!

I had a craving for something roasted and meaty so this green goddess roasted chicken from Melissa Clark and the New York Times seemed just right for me. My favorite chicken recipe is Ina Garten’s perfect roast chicken because it’s simple to prepare and always comes out prefectly cooked, moist and flavorful. Oh and you  get a bonus side dish with that delicious roasted carrot, fennel and onion. I sometimes add potatoes to that dish to give me even more roasted vegetabls to devour. But I’ll have to reserve more details on that for a separate blog post. Today it was time for something new, something untested. I figured if I test this out on myself I’ll know if it’s something I could confidently prepare for a larger group.

I’ve never left a chicken to marinate or roasted chicken at such a high temperature so these were all new cooking techniques for me. The stakes were high for this Green Goddess Chicken recipe. So here’s what you do…

Prepare all your Green Goddess Dressing Ingredients.


Combine and blend together.


Here’s some video of the blending action for dramatic effect.

Here’s the finished product dressing in a lovely gravy boat. I’ve never made this type of dressing before. I have to say it was full of flavor with a good lime zing. So far so good!


Now it’s time to marinate your chicken. I cheated and had my butcher do the cutting up of the chicken in half as described by the recipe.


I divided the marinade in half and put each piece of chicken in its own ziploc bag for easy placement in the fridge. I might consider trying to keep the chicken pieces together in one big bowl with the marinade or perhaps buying an even bigger bag so as to keep all the marinade together. At this point the chicken was stored in the fridge for 6 hours although the recipe says overnight is ok too.



Time to get rid of excess marinade, dry the tops, drizzle with olive oil and roast in a hot hot hot oven! 500 degrees fahrenheit to be exact.


Here’s the finished product after resting for 10 minutes. Look at that charred skin! Next time I will cover the chicken to help the juices reabsorb.


What’s the verdict? YUM. That is some seriously delicious chicken. The charred skin reminded me of eating some type of portugese barbecue chicken. I have to say it’s a good thing there’s some of that delicious dressing left over. You want to drizzle that dressing all over the chicken. It really gives some great flavor and oomph to the moist chicken. This one is definitely a contender for the next dinner with friends.

Thanks for this delicious recipe Melissa Clark and a great goto salad dressing too!

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