Fall Fruit Fixation – Part 1 – Plum Torte

I have a confession to make. I think I really like baking with fruit. I never used to be this way. In fact, those that know me would say that I’m not really into eating all that much fruit in general. But something is changing. Maybe it’s all the articles and blog posts that I read that are inspiring me to cook more seasonally, to take advantage of what’s ripe and fresh right now? I don’t know. All I can say is that last year when faced with the decision of baking an interesting chocolate cake vs a plum torte, the chocolate cake would have won, hands down. Whatever it is that’s happening delicious fall fruits are here and I’m taking the opportunity to bake with them to my hearts content.

I found this recipe on smittenkitchen.com for a famous plum torte from the new york times and thought I’d give it a go. I tried finding italian purple plums at a bunch of markets including my local farmers market but was unsuccessful. So I tried using regular black plums from the grocery store. I think the results were good though next time I’d try to give the plums a day or two extra to ripen before baking with them.

I changed nothing about this recipe so just go ahead and check it out here and try making it yourself. So simple, delicious and easy to make!




Japanese Veggie Katsu Curry

I first tried Japanese curry back in 2004 while enjoying a complimentary buffet lunch as part of an organized tour in Kyoto. I remember reading the sign that read “Japanese Curry” sitting next to this brown thin goop & vegetables thinking “What the heck is Japanese Curry? Silly kitchen people trying to pass this off as curry. Teeheehee.” At the time, the only curries I knew about were Indian and Thai curries. I had no idea that Japanese curry was a thing. So I took a small spoonful of the mix (really just a sauce with some carrots and other vegetables) and a bit of rice, sat down and had a few mouthfuls. I remember being puzzled by the taste, not sure what to compare it to but I immediately enjoyed the flavor. It tasted hearty and comforting but was nothing like a Thai or Indian curry. It was closer to a gravy than anything else with a very concentrated, salty flavor but in a good kind of way. I went back for more and the rest is history…

Small blast from the past. Kyoto in 2004.

Small blast from the past. Kyoto in 2004.

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